Kahan Gaye Wo Log

Previous editor : Yakub Mank (Mahek Tankarvi)
Current editorsNasirhusen Lotiya and Ismailbhai Khunawala.

Tankaria, our village, is known for its size, education, history and developments. But other than all these, the great village of Tankaria is known for its people. The people who made this place so special. The people who earned great respect for the word “Tankaria”. How much do we know about them?

It is our duty to remember our forefathers for what they did for our village and the sacrifices they made to make our village better. It is with this noble aim that we have decided to compile and publish brief life sketches / stories of such people on our website. This is one way to show that we have not forgotten them and we are grateful to them for what they did to make our life better. The whole idea is to highlight the positive side of their life and the useful contributions they made, so that our younger generations can draw ideas and inspiration from reading about them.

You may send any articles in English or Gujarati by e-mail to admin@mytankaria.com and we will try to publish them after editing within a month from their receipt. Any constructive comments or suggestions will be most welcome.

IMPORTANT: If you know the Date of Birth or Date of Death of any of the people listed below, please e-mail them to admin@mytankaria.com so that we can add this information to each file. Thank you.

Abhli, Dr Amina Umarji – by Ismail Khunawala

Abhli, Umarji Abhramby Yakub Bajibhai Bhutawala

Babariya, Umarji (RandhwaWala)by Yakub Bajibhai Bhutawala

Bhim, Yakub Vali (Zakir Tankarvi) – by Mubarak Ghodiwala

Bhutawala, Gulam Mohamed Ismailby Iqbal Hussain Bhutawala

Chamad, Umar Farukby Habiburrehman Matadar & Kadam Tankarvi

Chowkwala, Rustam Masterby Mahek Tankarvi

Dadhimunda, Adam Ahmedby Mubarak Ghodiwala

Dedka, Dawood Umarji – by Ismail Khunawala

Delawala, Isabhaiby Umar Faruk Chamad

Delawala, Isap Bapuby Mahek Tankarvi

Desai, Musa Ahmedby Mahek Tankarvi

Gajjar, Ismail Adamby Yakub Bajibhai Bhutawala

Ghodiwala, Ismail (Bapu Master)by Yakub Bajibhai Bhutawala

Ghodiwala, Musa Mohamed Masterby Umar Faruk Chamad

Hira, Hakim Adam Valiby Yakub Bajibhai Bhutawala

Hira, Ismail Musaby Nasirhusen Lotiya

Janab, Ibrahimby Ismail Khunawala

Kabir, Ibrahim Adamby Kamal Patel

Kaduji, Hafeji Adam Isapby Umar Faruk Chamad

Khandhiya, Daud Mohmed – by Mahek Tankarvi

Master, Mohmed Musaby Mahek Tankarvi

Mathiya, Ibrahimby Kamal Patel

Mochi, Yusufby Ismail Khunawala

Mukardam, Muhammed Vali  (Gulam Master)- by Nasirhusen Lotiya. 

Nathalia, Ibrahimby Umar Faruk Chamad

Patel, Abdullah Kamal ‘Kadam’by Mahek Tankarvi

Patel, Ahmed Umarjiby Gujarat Today

Patel, Ismail Ibrahim (Khoda)by Ismail Khunawala

Patel, I M (Varediyawala)by Ismail Khunawala

Pavadiya, Ahmed Valiby Mahek Tankarvi

Shukla, Dr Girjaprashad Shankarprasadby Umar Faruk Chamad & Nasirhusen Lotiya

Tankarvi, Hazrat Maulana Mufti Ibrahim (Achchodi)by Mahek Tankarvi