Community Relief Organisations:

Anjuman-e-Nusratul Muslimin – Provides affordable medical care (compiled by Iqbal Bhutawala)

The Tankaria Bait-Ul-Maal Committee – Helps orphans, widows, and financially weak members of the community (compiled by Nasir Lotiya)

The Tankaria Welfare Society, UK Community development, education and general charitable purposes (compiled by Nasir Lotiya)

Educational Institutions/ Technical Education:

Mustufabad Industrial Training Institute (M.I.T.I.) – Provides youth with essential Industrial Training for employment (compiled by Nasir Lotiya)

The Tankaria High School Tankaria (by My Tankaria News)

Elected Governing Body:

Current Panchayat Sarpanch (compiled by Shakil Bha)

Tankaria Village Panchayat – History (compiled by Nasir Lotiya)

Financial Institutions/ Banks:

Bank Of Baroda (BOB) – Tankaria Branch     (compiled by Nasir Lotiya)

State Bank of India (SBI) – Tankaria Branch (compiled by Nasir Lotiya)

Religious Institutions:

Darul Banaat, Nana Padar, Tankaria: +91 2642 270932

Darul Quran: +91 2642 270508

Darul Uloom Ashrafaiyah Mustafaiyah Tankaria, Mota Padar, Tankaria : +91 2642 270442

Madrasa-e-Mustafaiyah Tankaria, Mota Padar, Tankaria, Phone: +91 2642 270442

Madrasah Quwwatul Islam & Anjuman, Nana Padar, Tankaria: +91 2642

Markazi Masjid (compiled by Yacoob Mank)

Mohaddis-e-Azam Mission: +91 2642 271000

Noorani Masjid (by My Tankaria News)