Aims and Priorities – Click on this link to read about our Aims and our Priorities – edited by Nasir Lotiya

Community Relief Organisations:

Anjuman-e-Nusratul Muslimin – Provides affordable medical care – edited by Iqbal Bhutawala

Madni Shifa Khana (Madni Hospital) – Provides affordable medical care – edited by Nasir Lotiya

Tankaria Covid Care Centre – Provides free medical care for Covid-19 – edited by Nasir Lotiya

The Tankaria Bait-Ul-Maal Committee – Helps orphans, widows, and financially weak members of the community – edited by Nasir Lotiya

The Tankaria Welfare Society, UK – Community development, education and general charitable purposes – compiled by Nasir Lotiya

Educational Institutions/ Technical Education:

Mustufabad Industrial Training Institute (M.I.T.I.) – Provides youth with essential Industrial Training for employment –edited by Nasir Lotiya

The Tankaria High School Tankaria – by My Tankaria News

Elected Governing Body:

Current Panchayat Sarpanch – edited by Shakil Bha

Tankaria Village Panchayat – History – edited by Nasir Lotiya

Financial Institutions/ Banks:

Bank Of Baroda (BOB) – Tankaria Branch – compiled by Nasir Lotiya

State Bank of India (SBI) – Tankaria Branch – compiled by Nasir Lotiya

Religious Institutions:

Darul Banaat, Nana Padar, Tankaria: +91 9824464606

Darul Quran: +91 2642 270508

Darul Uloom Ashrafaiyah Mustafaiyah Tankaria, Mota Padar, Tankaria : +91 2642 270442

Madrasa-e-Mustafaiyah Tankaria, Mota Padar, Tankaria, Phone: +91 2642 270442

Madrasah Quwwatul Islam, Nana Padar, Tankaria: +919824131864 (President)

Markazi Masjid – compiled by Yacoob Mank

Mohshin E Azam Mission: +91 9924427038

Noorani Masjid – by My Tankaria News

Shaikhul Islam Trust Tankaria (Branch No.71) +91 7359787980


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