ટંકારીઆ: ઇતિહાસની રોશનીમાં  History of Tankaria (Gujarati & English)
પ્રથમ આવૃત્તિ (કેટલાક સુધારા-વધારા સહિતની Reprint આવૃત્તિ- મે ૨૦૨૩.) Reprint Edition: May 2023.  PDF  ફાઈલ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે ઉપર આપેલ લિંક પર ક્લિક કરો.

(ભાગ-૧: ઇતિહાસના પ્રમાણભૂત ગ્રંથો અને શિલાલેખમાં સચવાયેલો ઇતિહાસ. ભાગ-૨: મુસ્તફાબાદ ટંકારીઆનો મૌખિક ઇતિહાસ. ભાગ-૩: સંસ્થાઓ અને સુવિધાઓ. ભાગ-૪: ટંકારીઆના લોકો)
ટંકારીઆ: ઇતિહાસની રોશનીમાં પુસ્તક વિમોચન પ્રસંગે અદમ ટંકારવી સાહેબનો પ્રતિભાવ (Video)
ટંકારીઆ: ઇતિહાસની રોશનીમાં પુસ્તક વિમોચન પ્રસંગે અઝીઝ ટંકારવી સાહેબનો પ્રતિભાવ (Video)

History of Tankaria (English)
(Part 1: Based on authentic historical sources. Part 2 : Oral History (Stories of elders ). Part 3: Organisations and Facilities. Part 4 : People)

First Online Edition: April 2007 (Published on “Tankaria Wet Paint” website in English)
Latest Online Edition: March 2021 (Published on “My Tankaria” website with added information in English)

History of Tankaria Village – Oral History: Another Perspective of our village history published on “My Tankaria Website” – Narrated by late Ahmed Munshi.

My Village, My Story – ( મારું ગામ, મારી વાત ) Gujarati article by the famous writer Aziz Tankarvi.

Patel Directory Meet these people in the words of Ibrahim Dadabhai “Bekar”, a well-respected name in Gujarati literature. He compiled Patel Directory in 1955 and wrote about the people who contributed most to Tankaria. The list decorates the good work of some of the heroes of Tankaria.

History Revisited
– Photo album by Iqbal Bhutawala.
We are very excited and happy to post the history of some of the great people of Tankaria and the village itself. It has been said that history is made up of events, and the events are attached to people. So, ultimately, it’s the people who make up most of history. It is very true in the case of our village Tankaria and its people: “Tankarvis”. Why do we take pride in calling ourselves Tankarvis? Why do we get respect and a distinct identity over others? Why does Tankaria always lead others in most areas of development? We were the first in the Bharuch rural area to have a high school and also the first to have our Mustafabad I.T.I. (Industrial Training Institute), creating paths for others to follow.

The foundation was laid by our forefathers hundreds of years ago. Their efforts are now paying back to their future generations. Our great grandfathers had the promise and vision for themselves, for their future generations, and for the village and firm determination to live up to those promises given to their ancestors and dreams seen by themselves. They were rebels to some and idols to others. They wanted to do something different and wanted to create a path for others to walk, not to walk on the path created by others. They frequently came up with ideas to do something noble for the village. And our ancestors successfully did it. They left a great and proud mark on the history of Tankaria.

We believe that every Tankarvi is an unsung hero. Everyone has left and will leave their mark on the history of our village.

In this part, we are compiling an extensive database on the history of Tankaria. This work is enormous and may take many years to complete, but it is a due that we have to pay to our beloved forefathers and fellow villagers.

The online edition was published in 2007 and was updated from time to time. After many efforts the history of Tankaria is available in the book form. The name of the book is “Tankaria: Itihasni Roshnima”. (“ટંકારીઆ: ઇતિહાસની રોશનીમાં”).

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