About us

Tankaria: the place we are all proud of … the place that keeps us all attached to each other despite our distances.

This small piece of fertile land has produced Islamic Scholars, Businessmen, Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Pharmacists, Poets, Teachers, Writers, but above all … best humans … full of love for their land and its people.

This love has inspired us to create this website. This work is dedicated to people … who are scattered all around the globe … in Africa, America, Canada, England, New Zealand, Russia ….

We may have left our country, our birthplace, our homeland in search of a better life, education and future, but that does not detach us from our home, our roots. We cherish the sweet and sad memories attached with this place. We all miss friends and families.

This is the platform where we can share our lives and experiences. Stay attached to each others via messages and pictures, help others in need and feel ourselves never alone anywhere in the world.

“Together we make a difference….”