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  1. AAWRT from Auckland, New Zealand.
    Just saw your website.
    I was born in New Zealand.
    I am ex Sitpon but have been to Tankaria on several occasions.
    I wish the Muslims and residents of Tankaria and the surrounding districts to keep strong and believe in the oneness of Allah SWT.
    Keep safe and look after one another to become better Muslims.

  2. Salam WW. COVID-19 has really changed people’s lives in the UK. Every year, thousands of pounds were spent on big weddings but many weddings are now happening in the Islamic way with only very close members of the families attending and the Nikah is normally done in a house. Before, UK wedding costs started at £25,000. May Allah SWT guide all the Ummah to have weddings in a simple way and the money we save should be distributed to the many many Muslims who don’t even get proper food to eat.

  3. Salam. I am looking to get in touch with a long lost relative.

    He is from Tankaria. Approx. age 45-48.

    And lives in Canada.

    His name is Ibrahim. This the only info I have.

  4. May ALLAH SWT raise you and the Ummah to the Highest levels in HIS Esteem and keep us unwaveringly steadfast on HIS Seeratul Mustaqeem.

    Al-HamdulillAH your website is getting better every day and is very impressive and may such efforts become a means and an example to help drive HIS Deen.


    Wass salasmu’alaykum wRTwb

    Abdul Aziz Ismail Mohammed Zumla (Bolton UK)
    B.Pharm UWIST, Cardiff y/o 1972 (retired)

  5. Nice to see this site and I appreciate that we will send the message through the world. May Almighty Allah accept their humble work and reward in both world. Ameen.

  6. When my arms can’t reach people close to my heart, I always hug them with my prayers.

    May Almighty’s peace be with you.

    Wish you happy Eid.

    From Iqbal Dhoriwala Dewsbury UK

  7. Salam to all our Tankarvis. When I saw this website for the first time and found out about all the things happening, not only in our village, but around the world, I was amazed! I must say the brothers have organised a very wonderful thing. May Allah save them from evil eyes. Keep it up Mustak bhai.

  8. Very informative, knowledgeable and really enjoyable website, as I am Tankarvi from abroad. Very accurate news, whether it is happy events or sad events, and even normal days images too!!! One thing missing in an all-over good site is there is no name for introducing people in the image! Any image without explaining about the people in the picture is an incomplete job. If name(s) are mentioned under any image, it will make it four moon bright!!!

    • This is down to our contributors. If you e-mail a photo to us with the names of the people in it, we will include the names in the post.

  9. I desperately want to get married.

    I am a 30 years old female. Please pray for me. I like someone but am having issues in getting married, as his parents were not agreeing and delaying and now the boy has gone abroad for a job, and he went to runaway from the situation.

    I want you to pray for my marriage and if you know any expecting mother please ask her to pray for me as well, as at that time they are more close and beloved to Allah and Allah listens more if they pray at that time.

  10. Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh



    May Allah (SAW) bring happiness, health, wealth and wisdom with strong iman in coming days with this Eid-ul-Fitr.

    It’s really the event of shukr to Allah (SAW). He gave us life to witness the Ramadan-1436 and gave us strength to perform the ebadah during this blessed month. Hope, we may have got the Lailatul Qadr as we tried to search it.

    May Allah (SAW) accept whatever good deeds we could do and forgive us for our short-comings and laziness.

    May Allah (SAW) give us strength to remain steadfast in the days after Ramadan and give us taufiq to do good deeds just to please Him alone.

    Certainly during the blessed month, our level of taqwah and ebadah was increased. It is more important to continue it even after Ramadan.

    Mark this celebration with a renewed commitment to impact positively the societies you live in, through active engagement and community service.

    As Ramadan is a time for self-purification and character development, it is imperative that our heightened taqwa (Allah-consciousness) is reflected in our interaction with every human being.

    Let us be committed to inculcate in ourselves Islam’s profound compassion for the human condition, and be committed to work for peace, pluralism and justice.


  11. Mustak bhai. When I went to our village in 2011 after 13 years, I came to make a photocopy of some of my documents and you asked me if I checked our village website. I just said no. But, when I saw it, I was really amazed Mustak bhai!

  12. Salam to all our Tankarvis. When I saw this website for the first time and found out about all the things happening, not only in our village, but around the world, I was amazed! I must say the brothers have organised a very wonderful thing. May Allah save them from evil eyes. Keep it up Mustak bhai.

  13. Salaam WW. Here I, Gulamrasul Ali Delawala from London, UK, pray on the special holy night of Sab-e-Barat for all the Ummah SAW. Also, my Delawala family members who have passed away from this world, my parents, all uncles, brothers, sisters, aunts, all relatives and all Tankarvis who passed have away from this world. May Allah give them a place in paradise (Jannah). A special tribute Dua to Esap Bapu Delawala who ran Tankaria High School in a very honest way to serve Tankaria, which all Tankarvis cannot forget. May Allah give paradise to all, Wasila SAW.

  14. Assalamu alaykum Wa rahmatullah Wa barakatuhu to all my Tankarvis and customers. Have a happy day and night. I pray that every day is a good day always. Ameen, Summa Ameen. Fi Amanillah.

  15. Asalamu Alaykum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu to all my Tankarvis and, to Momin all around the world, many Salams Wa Rehmatullah to all of you. Dua for all of the Ummah of Rasulullah (SAW) to remain forever hayat and for the marhumeen magfirah. Jazakallah khairan. Please perform your salah five times a day and don’t even miss one of them. Thanks all of you. Fiamaanillah.

  16. As salaamu alaykum

    The 40 days of Hajiani Zubeida Mohamed Adam, affectionately known as Ma of Rylands Cape Town, will be commemorated today, 24rd December 2014, at the Tuscany Hall with Qur’an Khatam and supper thereafter with family and close friends. May Allah grant her Jannatul Firdaus and Nur in her Qabr. Ameen.

    From Imam Hassen Walele.

  17. PMET needs a young graduate (of any discipline) as office secretary.
    Knowledge of computer and good communication skill is a must.
    Salary is no bar for the right candidate. Free accommodation will be provided.
    Contact President Hifzurrehmaan 98790 66123.
    Jabir Choksi 9824151839 (7 to 9 PM only) with complete bio data.
    Or post your resume at

  18. Assalam wa rehmut Allah … all Tankarvis and admin staff. Many salams to all of you. I miss my great town. The Tankaria Mutafabad sada aazad rahe jindabad and vatan sada jindabad rahay. Always make dua for my vatan e hind jindabad….

  19. Assalamualaykum to all my Tankarvi brothers.
    Please remember the days of the 90’s, fasting in mid summer and Mubarak Babaria’s ice blocks (baraf) and various fruit stalls (one of my best childhood memories). Please take time to make dua for those who are now not with us.

  20. Salam to all,

    My Tankaria Team are doing great Khidmat.
    May Almighty accept their humble work and reward in both world. Ameen.

    Request: The most readers are at abroad and the majority of them, understand better in English, so please try to publish every news or article in both languages.

    After all we are the BEGGARS AND CAN’T BE CHOOSERS!

    • My dear Iqbal,
      Your request is appreciated but: “After all we are the BEGGARS AND CAN’T BE CHOOSERS!”
      I can’t understand, would you please tell me what do you mean to say?

  21. There are 10 students securing 70% marks in 9th Grade at Tankaria High School and 18 students securing 70% marks in 9th Grade. All are going to appear in 10th board this year.

    I would like to request the principals of both the schools to fill in the form for Rahmani30 Talent Search exam for all boy students. The R30TSE exam will be conducted on Sunday 13th April at Munshi Vidyadham, Bharuch.

  22. As Salam Alykum

    Rahmani 30 is conducting Entrance Test (talent search among Muslim students) every year for students of state of Bihar and preparing selected students for JEE, IIT and other national level entrance examinations. Rahmani 30 results are astonishing. Please Google to know more about Rahmani 30. Rahmani 30 are now a focus of international media and have been highly appreciated by leaders, academicians, universities and industrialists. Their endeavors have resulted in realizing dreams of talented, students of the community.

    PMET has been co-ordinating with Rahmani 30 since long. PMET trustee Mr Jabir Choksi has personal interaction with Maulana Mohammad Wali Rahmani. PMET has conducted Rahmani 30 entrance test on six location of Gujarat (i.e. Palanpur, Modasa, Vadodara, Godhara, Surat and Bharuch) on 14 April 2013. 330 students appeared for talent search exam out of which seven cracked it.

    Like wise last year, this year too Rahmani 30 has expanded the Entrance Test on all India bases and PMET willing to conduct the test in Gujarat on behalf of Rahmani 30. PMET urge your support to establish more exam centres in Gujarat this year and expect your early response in establishing new centre in your own area to search “talented students”. The medium of the test would be English and Hindi. Students (only boys) who is studying in 10th grade this year are eligible for the test. The selected students should be ready to relocate to Bihar for coaching. Loading, boarding, tuition etc. will be provided to those who passed the test.

    A line of reply at or would be highly appreciated

    Er Jabir Choksi PMET

  23. salam v rehmut all dear tankarvis & admin aziz mustaq saheb w/salam rain in tankaria w/s winter seson khair allah. naemuat allah…allah hafi fi amanillah…….

  24. as salam v .rehmut allah dear all tankarvis many salam from me & my custums to day rain in ksa al ahsha & hofuf &dammam aria litel not much but rim zim wadher is cold thats all fiamanillah

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