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In November 2015, the was migrated to the MyTankaria website to create one unique and unified platform in the form of a bigger and better “MyTankaria” for our village. Our aim was to have one united place and name for our village, an example of unity to our future generations. We have come together with the intention to make Tankarvis aware of the concerns and problems that our community is facing today and create a vision to find their solutions.

We are very excited to inform that brother Nasir Lotiya, who is an author of the in-depth Tankaria history research and was managing previous site, is now an integral part of the MyTankaria administration team. We take this opportunity to request you to pray for the Late Iqbal bhai Bhutawala who had put in a great amount of time and work for the site as well as this. May Allah SWT grant him a place in Jannat-ul-Firdaus. Ameen.

Going forward, all new updates and additions will only be made available on the MyTankaria website. We request you to make dua for the continued success of our village’s beloved website. We aim to provide you with high quality content and the best experience.

We are aiming to save the work of the previous and websites and make it available on the MyTankaria website to view and read forever. In the meantime, these websites can be read and viewed as below:

Your suggestions are always appreciated, please send them to:

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