Hafez Mohamed Dr Yusuf Khdoa, known to most just as Mohamed, left this world today and left his family and friends a huge void that will be impossible to fill.

Mohamed was such a wonderful human being, kind and generous. I was very fortunate to have known Mohamed from grade-1 until today and have countless memories of good & difficult times. The one character of him that comes to mind as soon as you call his name is his nature of helping others unconditionally. Allah SWT had given him a huge heart…filled with love & care… always willing to help and support. He was someone you can always count on to stand up for you in any circumstances. There were instances where i remember him showing up in the middle of the night, extreme weather or in difficult moment to help others.

Mohamed was people’s person. He was the nucleus of the friends’ circle and his friends loved him and respected him.

Today, when Mohamed is no longer with us anymore, his confident voice, affectionate smile and kindness will always always stay with us.

We pray that Allah SWT give him a higher place in Jannat-ul-Firdaus and Sabr e Jameel to the whole family, relatives and friends.

MAULANA HAJI AHMED SULEMAN MALJI [BROTHER OF HARUN SULEMAN MALJI] who meet with an accident near Kamboli has passed away………… Inna Lillahe Wainna Ilayhe Rajeun. Namaj E Janaja will held at Hashamshah [RA] graveyard 10pm today. May ALLAH [SWT] grant himt he best place in jannatul firdaush. Ameen.