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As-Salamu’Alaykum! I would like to begin by praising Allah SWT for giving us the ability to be breathing and by continuing our life in this temporary world. May he allow us to live in this temporary world with Iman in our hearts and mind and live along the guidelines that have been taught to us by our beloved Prophet PBUH. Ameen!

Words cannot express how I feel about this past week that had not only shocked my nerves but as well as mentally, physically and emotionally set me and my family back into a very dark space.

My brother was a very kind hearted soul who Allah SWT uplifted into his rahmah this past weekend, may Allah SWT give him the best of Jannah and allow us all to be reunited with him in the hereafter. I can go on and on with praising him but my words are merely worthless now as he has moved on into another temporary world.

Upon passing on the devastating news to you, I’m certain that you too must have broken down and have had an emotional setback yourself. In light of all of the emotions and sadness, I have to commend you for your physical, mental and emotional support during these difficult days that came down upon us like thunder before a very big storm!

Words cannot capture how you have made me and my family feel during this past week and I cannot even thank you enough for all of your support to not only uplift us by anyone and everyone who has come to our house to pay their respect to my brother and family.

Without your support and willingness to stand by me and my family I can only imagine how hectic things would have become and May Allah SWT give you the best of rewards that he can bestow upon us and give me the slightest opportunity to do what you have done for me and my family.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart and family, we would like to thank you for being present, available, receptive and patient during this difficult time. Insha’Allah I pray that we leave this world with ease and begin our final journey with the ability to face Allah SWT with dignity, humility and most importantly the notion of knowing we have fulfilled our life here without making Allah SWT feel shameful towards us and have our beloved Prophet PBUH praising his followers for making him proud in front of Allah SWT.


Hafez Mohamed Dr Yusuf Khdoa, known to most just as Mohamed, left this world today and left his family and friends a huge void that will be impossible to fill.

Mohamed was such a wonderful human being, kind and generous. I was very fortunate to have known Mohamed from grade-1 until today and have countless memories of good & difficult times. The one character of him that comes to mind as soon as you call his name is his nature of helping others unconditionally. Allah SWT had given him a huge heart…filled with love & care… always willing to help and support. He was someone you can always count on to stand up for you in any circumstances. There were instances where i remember him showing up in the middle of the night, extreme weather or in difficult moment to help others.

Mohamed was people’s person. He was the nucleus of the friends’ circle and his friends loved him and respected him.

Today, when Mohamed is no longer with us anymore, his confident voice, affectionate smile and kindness will always always stay with us.

We pray that Allah SWT give him a higher place in Jannat-ul-Firdaus and Sabr e Jameel to the whole family, relatives and friends.

Another feather has been added to Tankaria’s shining success… Dr. Mubin Kari, son of Faruk Bhai Kari of Tankaria has completed his MBBS degree from Indian Institute of Medical Science and Research, Badnapur, Nashik.

Many congratulations to Dr. Mubin, his parents and his teachers. We pray that you continue to achieve excellence in medical field and our community and soceity can benefit from your skills and knowledge .

ટંકારીઆનું ગૌરવ... ડૉ.મુબીન ફારુક કારી.

ટંકારીઆની ઝળહળતી સફળતામાં વધુ એક પીંછું ઉમેરાયું છે... ટંકારીઆના ફારુકભાઈ કારીના પુત્ર ડૉ. મુબીન કારીએ ઇન્ડિયન ઇન્સ્ટિટ્યૂટ ઑફ મેડિકલ સાયન્સ એન્ડ રિસર્ચ, બદનાપુર, નાસિકમાંથી એમ.બી.બી.એસની ડિગ્રી પ્રાપ્ત કરી છે. ડૉ. મુબીનની સફળતા માટે ટંકારીઆવાસીઓ ગર્વની લાગણી અનુભવે છે.   

ડૉ. મુબીન, તેમના માતા-પિતા અને તેમના શિક્ષકોને ખૂબ ખૂબ અભિનંદન. અમે દુઆ કરીએ છીએ કે તમે તબીબી ક્ષેત્રે પ્રગતિ કરવાનું ચાલુ રાખો જેથી આપણા સમુદાય અને સમાજને તમારી કુશળતા અને જ્ઞાનનો લાભ મળે.

Dilavar Ibrahim basheri (Thavi) passed away in Tankaria. Inna Lillahe Wainna Ilayhe Rajeun. Namaj e janajah will be held at 11pm in Bhadbhag graveyard. May Allah SWT grant him a place in Jannat-ul-Firdaus and sabr e jameel to his family. Ameen

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