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Tankaria Welfare Society, UK held Annual General Meeting (AGM) Golden Jubilee Celebration in Leicester, UK. The event also marked the celebration of win of Aiyaz Bhuta, who recently won Gold Medal at Paralympic Olympic in Tokyo. The Tankaria Welfare Society invited Tankarvis from all across UK to be part of this grand celebration.

The event was hugely successful and was attended by hundreds of Tankarvis and Bharuchi Vohra community members from all across the UK. Many Thanks to organizers & volunteers whose meticulous planning & hard work over months led to a hugely successful event. The entire event was streamed live on Facebook and YouTube and enjoyed by many viewers from across the Globe.

Please find some pictures of the event here.

Ayaz Bhuta, a “Golden Boy” as we all know him by, who defied all odds with utmost determination and hard work and made history by winning a Gold Medal at a Team Event in Paralympic, Japan. It’s a moment of great pride for our village and our community. It’s an achievement that will inspire many of our youth to work hard and never let anything come in your way to dream big and aim for greater goals in their lives for betterment of society. It’s the moment that need cherished and an achievement that need recognized.

And one of our great organization, Tankaria Welfare Society, UK which was created by Tankarvis decades ago to care for the concerns of Tankaria and celebrate our heritage and achievement, is doing exactly that. Tankaria Welfare Society is holding an annual general meeting this Saturday to celebrate the victory and honor Ayaz Bhuta and invites all Tankarvis of UK to be part of this memorable event.

An invitation to all Tankarvis:

On a warm summer day, Tankarvi friends from across England, UK got together for a meal. After a long year with heightened pandemic restrictions, its really great to be able to meet everyone in a now relaxed environment at a truly enjoyable evening. Here are some pictures from a wonderful gathering. Many Thanks to brother Faruk Ughradar of Bolton, UK for sharing these memories with My Tankaria family. Thank you!

As we all know by now that the situation in certain cities of S Africa is very critical. It all started with former president Jacob Zuma handing himself over to the authority on charges of corruption which led to protests and eventually rioting, looting and vandalism of offices & businesses. As of today, there are two cities port city of Durban and Johannesburg are mostly affected.

The current situation is very worrisome for many of us. We have a huge community of Gujaratis in those two cities. Looting and vandalism have resulted in businesses losing all of their inventories with no date of re-opening. Lot of community members are unable to to go to work out of safety concerns and then there is shortage of basic necessities such as grocery, gas and medicines. News agencies are reporting that military and local organizations are working tirelessly to get people basic necessities and creating safe environment for businesses to re-open.

We would like to let our brothers and sisters in S Africa know that we all at My Tankaria family feel your pain and sufferings and pray that Almighty Allah SWT to ease sufferings of all affected and improve situations. We pray for the safety and security of of all of you and for situation to normalize as quickly as possible. Ameen.

No matter what part of the world you go to, you will always find Tankarvis with their signature warm welcome and love. The brotherly affection for fellow Tankarvis’ is in every Tankarvis’ blood.

Irfan Pavariya of Tankaria is currently visiting S Africa on the occasion of his son’s wedding and was welcomed by our community with Tankarvis. Here, brother Azaz Dahya would like to share some pictures with My Tankaria Global family.

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