As many of you are aware that the compound wall that covers the entire perimeter of Bhadbhag Kabrashtan is in very bad shape. Many parts along the wall have either fallen off or about to fall off. The compound wall is in urgent repair. Current estimate is approximately 750,000 Indian Rupees. Our global community is requested to donate ONLY Lillah donation toward this repair work. If you are interested, please contact following individuals directly. Gulam Master Suleman Ipli (+91 8140414647), Usman Lalan, Faruk Khandhia (+91 98245 54480), Faruk Handli or Yakub Bhai Devram.

જંબુસર તાલુકાના કારેલી ગામ  થી નીકળી ગાંધી સંકલ્પ યાત્રા મંગળવારના રોજ ટંકારીઆ  મુકામે આવી પહોંચી હતી ભરુચ જિલ્લાના સંસદ સભ્ય શ્રી મનસુખભાઇ વસાવા .ધારાસભ્ય શ્રી અરુણ સિંહ રાણા સહિત ભાજપના કાર્યકરો નું  ભરુચ જિલ્લા નાં ટંકારીઆ  મુકામે સ્વાગત કરવામાં આવ્યું હતું અને સભાનું આયોજન કરવામાં આવ્યુ હતું.આ પ્રસંગે   જિલ્લા  ભાજપના સંગઠનના કાર્યકરો ધર્મેશ ભટ્ટ, ધર્મેશ મિસ્ત્રી, ભુપેન્દ્ર રાઠોડ તથા ભરૂચ તાલુકા પંચાયતના પ્રમુખ નવીનભાઈ પટેલ, વાગરા તાલુકા પંચાયત ના પ્રમુખ ઈશ્વરભાઈ તથા ભાજપના કાર્યકરો ઉસ્માન લાલન, યાસીન શંભુ, બિલાલ લાલન, હનીફ દૌલા, મુબારક ધોરીવાળા, રફીક સાપા , ઇકબાલ સાપા  તથા રોશનબેન તથા ગ્રામજનો  ઉપસ્થિત રહ્યા હતા

 On date 11th October 2019, The Tankaria High School, Tankaria’s Chairman, Principal, Teachers, Non teaching staff and Students together  to celebrate the farewell party of Mr. Hanifmohmed Musabhai Ghodiwala urfe Lalabhai.  As being the office superintendent [O.S.] of the school. The Chairman and principal of the school  says in his farewell speech that  We would like to recite an honor speech on the farewell party of Mr. Hanifmohmed Musabhai Ghodiwala urfe Lalabhai about his distinguished personality. Mr. Hanifmohmed Musabhai Ghodiwala urfe Lalabhai was a most responsible O.S. in the school for many years and followed his all the responsibilities as a good O.S.  with full commitment. We feel very sorry that today we are losing a most responsible O.S. in our school however we cannot change the fate. He and his works would be always in our heart forever.

He was a role model in our school and his dedicated years of service would be live in our memory. It is our honor that a O.S.  from our school has been selected to work in such a great institution. This success of him is not his fate, it is his continuous and committed love for hard work. School will never forget his distinctive disciplined framework during his all time O.S.  at the workplace as well as his immense contribution in the school. His all the works would be in the record and adored always. He has established his unique personality in this school. His disciplined and committed works makes him different than others.

Thank you very much