A legend Tankarvi Mr. Iqbalbhai Dhoriwala was invited by Baroness Uddin at House of Lords, London Parliament for World Charity and Finance Summit. In that summit, only 50 delegates were invited from USA, Germany, Japan, few other countries and some dignitaries from the UK. Mr. Dhoriwala had been asked to give a speech in that summit. 

Dr Aquib Javed Patel (Gheegha), son of Mr Mubarak Ali Mahmed Gheegha (retired Indian Air Force officer), is a surgeon at the prestigious BJ Medical School, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad. Dr Aquib has roots in Tankaria. The Gheegha family lived in Tankaria for a long time before migrating to Ahmedabad. They are also cousins to the Chamad family of Tankaria.

We are proud of Dr Aquib’s achievements. He will be an inspiration to a lot of youth in our community.