Pride of Community… Dr Aquib Javed Patel (Gheegha)

Dr Aquib Javed Patel (Gheegha), son of Mr Mubarak Ali Mahmed Gheegha (retired Indian Air Force officer), is a surgeon at the prestigious BJ Medical School, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad. Dr Aquib has roots in Tankaria. The Gheegha family lived in Tankaria for a long time before migrating to Ahmedabad. They are also cousins to the Chamad family of Tankaria.

We are proud of Dr Aquib’s achievements. He will be an inspiration to a lot of youth in our community.

2 Comments on “Pride of Community… Dr Aquib Javed Patel (Gheegha)

  1. Zazakallah…. Thanks a lot for appreciation. I would love to mention here that Dr Aquib Javed Patel Gheegha is a son of Mr Mubarak Ali Mahmed Gheegha, Retired IAF officer who is living in Ahmedabad at present. Please do carry out necessary correction. Once again thank you all for honoring Dr Aquib Javed Patel MS (Surgeon).

    • Thanks a lot for prompt action on my request of correction. May Allah bless all Tankarvies and all Ummah with health, wealth and peace now and always.

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