Sad News From Chicago, USA

In a heartbreaking incident, 3 of our Vohra community youth from Chicago got into an accident near downtown Chicago yesterday. These college students were on their route to the school when the incident occurred.  Brother Hafiz Mohammed Talha, son of Mubarak Tailor (of Nabipur) passed away due to injuries while other travelers, sister of Talha and the daughter of Munaf Bachcha (of Tankaria) are recovering from the injuries.

During this blessed month of Ramadan, We request for the Dua for speedy recovery of both sisters.

May Allah SWT give sabr e Jameel to both families and May Allah SWT grant Jannat ul Firdaus to Brother Hafiz Talha Tailor.

Namaz e Janazah for Hafiz Mohammad Talha Tailor will be tomorrow Friday April 5.2024 after Juma’a Salah (Salatul Juma’a 1:30 pm at Madina Masjid in Chicago.

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