An Inspirational Story- Issa Brothers of Manubar, England

Many of us recently heard about Issa brothers of Blackburn, UK and their purchase of Asda, One of the largest grocery chain in England. The deal is worth close to 8.8 billion US dollars. This is a remarkable feet and unbelievable story when you read about their humble beginnings.

Both brothers’ root belong to Manubar village of Bharuch district. Their parents migrated to England in 60s to work in textile industry. Their parents bought a fuel station where both brothers cleaned and help around. After a while, they sold the fuel station but brothers continued to look for the right opportunity. In 90s, both brothers decided to buy a fuel station but this time around they had a different idea. They knew that it Was difficult to make money off from petrol/ diesel they sell But the real money was in experience they would sell to general people who come to fill the fuel so they made their gas station a food court. Their gas stations became new benchmark and new standard. It was a place where motorist would find a spot to fill up gas, snack up and rest up for journey ahead. Decade later, brothers ended up buying a biggest fuel chain in Europe and named Euro garages. They also entered US market around 2015 and finally last month, Issa brothers teamed up a financial firm to acquire majority share from Walmart to become partner in Asda, a British iconic brand.

Even coming at this stage, Issa brothers are still rooted in Blackburn and continues to make Blackburn their home. They support many local charities and educational institutions.

This is a great a moment of pride for all Bharuchi Vohra community. Issa brothers’ story is an inspiration to thousands of youth across the world. With hard work and dream, you can achieve anything.

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  1. Congratulations to Issa brothers of Blackburn, England, UK, for their purchase of Asda in the UK! Gaurav of Vora Patel community! Story is really an inspiration in everyone’s lives! All this is the result of their unity and hard work and Duas of parents! Maa Baap ki Dua! May Allah Ta’ala bless them ahead and also the community!

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