Eid Khutbah from Makkah (English)

Towards the end of an excellent Khutbah (sermon), Sheikh Humaid, Imam of Masjid al-Haram in Makkah, said [25:58]:

“Dear Muslims, you should rejoice with this Eid (festival) of yours. I pray that it is a time of many blessings and that Allah accepts your acts of obedience. Remember to smile, be happy and spread happiness among yourselves, your families and your Muslim brothers. Eid is an occasion of delight for those who put smiles on the faces of the needy and bring joy to the ailing and suffering.”

“Dear Muslims, Eid is also a priceless opportunity for people to purify their hearts towards one another and rectify things between themselves. It is a time to wash away the grime of spite, malice and stored-up enmity.”

“Furthermore, social media and the groups created by relatives, friends and people of shared interests provide an effective platform for spreading kind words, circulating beneficial statements, making others happy, kindly asking how others are doing and expressing joy to each other in ways that are permissible.”

Full transcript of English translation: Eid Al Fitr Khutbah Makkah 1441 (2020) [PDF file]

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    Alhamdulillah, One of the Best Khutba I have ever heard. The oratory and its fluency is phenomenally outstanding. Its translation is equally outstanding. MashaAllah. It would be great, if at all possible, to have a PDF of its full translation in English.

    JKL for sharing.

    Salaams and Duaas and My Heartiest Eid Mubarak to you All.

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