Your Help is Needed!!!

As you all know that with the help of Tankarvis all across the world, Tankaria was able to achieve state of the art High School building few years back. It was a mammoth, daunting at many times and huge project which required global efforts. But, what a result!!! We now have beautiful building where the future of our generations for next 100 years is secured. Our students will certainly not only reap benefit of it but will be able to benefit the community thru their education and development.


There re is similar project in making and we need similar enthusiasm. As you know that Government of Gujarat has autrhoried Science stream for our high school, we need laboratories to conduct chemistry, physics and Biology labs. Janaab Aiyub Bhai Miyanzi of Canada is leading this huge effort of making it happen. Please read below in his own words.

Science Appeal from Ayub Miyaji of Canada.

“Dear Tankarvis,

With the Grace of Almighty and your support, approx 1400 students getting benefits from Tankaria new high school building.

Approx 15 lakh rupees needed for new science Laboratory.

School Management had secured more than half cost but still needed some.

Ocean filled by small drops.

I have phoned UK to Janab Y B Bhuta, Shafik Patel, Iqbal Dewsbury and Habib to do fund raising.

They have honoured my plea and will contact you soon.

I have full confidence in you ever green big hearted people that you will honoured my plea for the sake of our beloved motherland’s prosperous future.”



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