Help Noble Initiative of Tankaria Youth

It is heartwarming to inform all our visitors that group of Tankaria Youths who are currently working on reconditioning the soil in Hashampir Kabrashtan (HashamShah Pir Graveyard). As many of you aware that the land on Sapavad end is not much of a use due to hard surface, big- unwanted trees and bushes. “Tankaria Navjavans” ( Youth of Tankaria) took initiative in recent weeks to clean up that area with end goal of using that land. Team wants to work on following.

1. Removing big trees and bushes
2. Digging up the existing area and mixing with yellow soil (Goramti).
3. Resurfacing and landscaping the area.

This is an initiative worth attention. These youngsters have already started working on this with resources on hand but need more help. They need amount of approximately 50,000 Indian Rupees for completion of project.

On this medium, we request all our visitors, to generously donate whatever amount they can to help these youngsters achieve noble goal.

You can contact Mustaq Bhai Daula and send your donations.

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