“Kahan Gaye Wo Log…” an Article on Yusuf Saheb Mochi by Ismail Saheb Khunawala

Late Yusuf Saheb Mochi, who doesn’t know him? Physical Education teacher at Tankaria High school who won everyone’s heart with his caring nature and interesting persona. He fell in love with Tankaria and Tankarvis fell in love with him. He spent his entire teaching career (approximately 35 years) in Tankaria and retired in 1993. Yusuf Saheb passed away in September 2014. His students who are now all over the world still remember him with such honour and respect.

Read today, a beautiful article, which will certainly make your eyes wet with tears, about Yusuf Saheb Mochi, in the Kahan Gaye Wo Log section of our website written by none other than Janaab Ismail Saheb Khunawala (England). Ismail Saheb was a colleague of Yusuf Saheb at Tankaria High School.

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