Month: October 2016

An Invitation for Cricket Tournament at Khari Ground.


શાદી ખાના એ આબાદી

A marriage function of Dr. Irshad Abdulhamid Bapa held today at Tankaria. 

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Juned Ahmed Khoda with South African cricketers.

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Farewell programme for Aslam Ghodiwala [Surat Municipal Corporation]

A farewell programme for Aslam Ghodiwala [employee of Surat Municipal Corporation] was held today at SMC – Surat. He has completed 31 years at his job in the SMC – Surat. He obtained VRS.

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One more achievement of Tankaria

Dr. Shifa Faruk Kari has completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery [BDS] from Al Ameen Dental College, Bijapur.

Congratulations to Dr. Shifa and Kari Family.  

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