Month: August 2014

Finally Tankaria Panchayat woke up and cleaned all the garbage from around Tankaria.

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Anis Daula (son of Mustak Daula) with Suhel Gordhan in South Africa…

Anis Daula 3 Anis Daula 2 Anis Daula 1

ધોડી – ટંકારીયા – ભરૂચની બસ બંધ કરાતા વિદ્યાર્થીઓને હાલાકી

Hockey … Hot Dogs and Hot Summer….

Summer has been nicely warm this season. Perfect for outdoor activities for kids and for adults. Now, it’s almost time to go back to school for the new year so SMA, Toronto organized a perfect farewell to the beautiful summer. “Hockey, Hot Dogs and Chips” – day out camp for kids. Have a look at some pictures from the camp. We pray for the bright future of these kids and the continued success of this organization and many like it around the world, as they have been putting a tremendous amount of effort and time to develop a better tomorrow.

We thank Sarfaraz Degmaster for sharing these beautiful pictures with us.

Toronto6 Toronto1 Toronto3 (1) Toronto4 Toronto5

Mujib and Iqbal Ganda at the wedding function of Wahid Baseri’s cousin.