Vahora Voice UK (VVUK) & Hot Print Designs Welcomes Dr. Munaf Bhai & Raheemaben Miyanji

Vahora Voice UK (VVUK)- a Vahora Patel Organization in UK & Hot Print Designs had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Munafbhai Miyaji of Tankaria and his wife, Raheemaben, Former High School Teacher of Sabri School, Karjan, at VVUK’s office in Bolton, England.

During their visit, they had the opportunity to meet with social and educational partners of the organization  and discussed ideas to empower our community in these areas. The interaction was incredibly fruitful and resourceful, with valuable insight and creative solutions shared. It’s through the collaboration and exchanging ideas that we can truly empower our community.

Shafiq Patel provided food hospitality at Ayaan’s in Bolton. The couple was also greeted by Habib Bhai Bhuta, Altaf Bhai Dasu, Faruk Bhai Ughradar & other tankarvis. VVUK would like to thank Dr. Munaf bhai and the family for their time and dedication to make a positive impact.


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