The Tankaria Welfare Society UK. Annual General Meeting 2022


Tankaria village is situated in Gujarat,Bharuch Taluka in India. Tankaria village has a very rich long-standing history and the village is a leading powerhouse for educational, political and social welfare initiatives. The village is also known for its world-renowned writers, poets and intellectuals.

The AGM started with Tilawat-e-Quran by Haji Moulana Sanaullah A rashid Patel. Hon President Shafikbhai Patel welcomed all and thanked all for their ongoing support, contribution, and interest for the progress and development of Tankaria village, especially committee members for their tremendous efforts, hard work and enthusiasm. He resigned from his post with a heavy heart, but assured all that he will remain in forefront to continue working hard with the new President, and new committee members for Tankaria village progress and development.

Society’s Hon Secretary Salimbhai Varu presented his report. Salimbhai also resigned due to his other commitments but assured all that he will work hard and closely with the new committee members.

Hon Treasurer Harunbhai Patel presented the society’s annual accounts.

Election proceedings to appoint new office bearers took place. Mohammed Farkbhai Ugharadar Hotprint was elected as the new President, Habibbhai Bhuta was re-elected as the Vice President, Afzalbhai Dheriwala appointed as the new secretary of the society. Remaining committee members will continue offering their services for the said cause.

More than 325 members from all over the UK attended this occasion including more than 70 ladies participated. After the questions and answers session, all members presented thanked For Hon President Shafikbhai, Hon Vice President Habibbhai, Hon Secretary Salimbhai, Hon Treasurer Harunbhai, and committees’ members for their good services. Also congratulated new appointed team and wished them good wishes and duaas for successful term.

After the AGM, duaa and johar namaz was performed, and delicious Guajarati traditional dal-gost, chawal and sweet was served as a gesture of good hospitality all members and guests.

After the first formal session, the second session started to celebrate the progress of Tankaria village. Master of Ceremony Imtiaz Patel Varediawala alias Tankarvi welcomed all. Haji Hon Mahek Tankarvisaheb explained the purpose of the programme and suggested few ideas as to how to take Tankaria village development projects further here and at back home. Iqbalbhai Dhoriwala presented the history of the Tankaria Welfare Society, and shared the society’s original constitution which was written by hand in 1967 which in itself is a very historic documents outlining society’s aims, objectives, and structure in a very articulate way.

Guests from Tankaria-India were invited to share their feeling including Haji Yakubbhai Dadhiwala, Haji Yakubbhai Vakil, Moulana Iqbalbhai Bachasaheb, Dr Zubair Chati.

In order to keep up with our very valuable tradition of recognising community champions, felicitation ceremony took place. The following community unsung heroes were recognised for their outstanding community services, Lifetime Achievement Awards were preseted and making Tankaria proud.

Dr Adam Tankarvi, Dr Ayaz M Bhuta MBE, Ms Sazedaben Rizwan Iqba lPatel Gajjar MBE , Sajedaben at the same time recognised the role of her family including Iqbalbhai Gajjar, Hussain Bhai Patel Pariajwala, Rizwanbhai Patel, Hajiyani Noorjahan Hussain Patel, Hajiyani Zubedaben Iqbal Patel Gajjar, Hajiyani Ayeshaben Devram, Haji Yakubbhai Bajibhai Bhuta, Haji Yakubbhai Mahek, Haji Rehmatullah Bhaloda, Haji Ismialbhai Khunawala, Late Haji Ibrahimsaheb Nathaliya, Late Haji Moosabhai Kidi, Late Haji Ismailsaheb Hafeji Bhuta, Haji Kamal Mastersaheb, Late Haji Ibrahimbhai Ismail Ganda Master, Late Haji Ibrahim Master Kabirsaheb, Tankaria Society Blackburn, Haji Ashfaqbhai Gulam Jet, Late Haji Gulam Lalan.

Awards were presented by distinguished guests and Tankaria’s fraternities including Haji Yakubbhai Vakil, Haji Haji Yakubbhai Dadhiwala, Hajiyani Noorjahan Hussain Patel, Haji Inayatbhai Kaduji, Haji Gulambhai Ghodiwala, Haji Majidbhai Halalat, Haji Mohammed Mastersaheb, Haji Yakubbhai Khoda, Haji Ibrahim Baccha, Haji Iqbalbhai Master Bhuta, Haji Salimbhai Varu, VVUK Hon Chair Haji Usmanbhai Keshvanwala Ozybhai 3D, Dr Adamsaheb Tankarvi, Haji Maheksaheb Tankarvi, Haji M Farukbhai Ugharadar, Haji Afzal Dheriwala, Haji Altafbhai Dasu, Haji Mastan Dhoriwala, Haji Iqbalbhai Dhoriwala, Haji Habibbhai Bhuta.

Well wishes messages from Ismailbhai Khunawala, Azizbhai Tankarvi, Zakirbhai Umata Sarpanch, Lukmanbhai Bhuta, Nasirbhai Lotiya, Azizbhai Bha, Gulambhai Ali Issa Sambhu, Arifbhai Bapuji, Shakilbhai Bha, Mustaqbhai Dola, were read out by Salimbhai Varu.

“Tankaria has rich history and it’s a very progressive and forward-thinking village. We must strive for higher goals and to empower all through education and creative initiatives.” Dr Adamsaheb Tankarvi.

“Women plays an important role to shape our family and society. Tankaria Society is playing very vital role by including and encouraging women to participate in these activities. Our family values also play big role for our personal, and professional development and I am thankful to my family.” Sazedaben Rizwan Iqbal Patel Gajjar MBE.

 “Tankaria has come long way and we will inshaallah take our village even at a further path of greater success.” Fmr Hon President Shafikbhai Patel.

 “I am really honoured and thankful to all of you to elect me as your new President. With your support, guidance and blessings, I will continue developing our village and keep up with Tankaria village great legacy.” New Hon President M Farukbhai Uhgaradar.

 “We need to examine our work, analyse our existing projects and need to have the vision to take these initiatives at the next level of development and progress by working professionally and transparently.” Hon Maheksaheb Tankarvi.

 This historic event of Tankaria ended with poetry recitation by Maheksaheb, Dr Adamsaheb with duaas and informal discussion, tea and light refreshments.

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