Annual General meeting announcement of Tankaria welfare committee, U.K.

Message from President Shafiqbhai Patel.

Asalamualiykum, At the end Good news for our A G.M. Hall and menus booked at Gausiya hall Bolton,  time 11 to 5 o’clock on 2nd October 2022 with great effort of Altafbhai Dasu, Afzal Dheriwala, Haji Mustak and others our members, thanks to all of you, from Mustakbhai nagiya we get food on little discount so thanks to him, you all are invite with family , but at least before a week let us know or your local representatives of our committee, so it will help us to arrange food and other thing.  Thanks to all and please try to attend our historical meeting. once again thanks to all.

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