Message of appreciation by Janab Ibrahimbhai Khoda from London.

I have been really impressed and moved by the excellent speech given by Janab Ismail bhai Khunawala at the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Tankaria Welfare Society U K. I am sure that the readers will all agree that he most certainly enlightened not only all the viewers globally but also the spectators at the venue in Leicester with very valuable information relating to the Society I e how it came in to the existence back in the year 1967 as also about the founders; their app laudable hard, work, effort and devotion of time. His words of encouragement for the betterment of the society have been very relevant and valuable suggestions which I am sure have been most welcome by all. I am sure that his suggestions will be duly considered and taken on board by the trustees of the society. I am really proud him as a fellow Tankarvi. Alhamdulillah he has been gifted with vocabulary and invaluable worldly as well as religious knowledge by Allah SWT. May He preserve him. Ameen………. Ibrahimbhai Khoda from London.

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