Death news from Bharuch

Haji Mohmedmaster Shaikhji [Father of Zuber and Sadik] passed away at Bharuch…. Inna lillahe wainna ilayhe rajeun. Namaj e janaja will held at Bharuch after Asr prayer. May ALLAH [SWT] grant him the best place in jannatul firdaush. Ameen.

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  1. Inna lillahi wainna ilaihi raujioon. May Allah accept all his good deeds, forgive all shortfalls, be happy with him, forgive him, make his grave a resting with peace place, make it part of his jannat. May Allah forgive all marhumeen of ummat of Nabi Muhammad peace be upon him and make their graves part of jannat and make them rest there with peace and provide all their families with Sabre Jameel. Aameen ya rabbal alameen.

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