Fund raising by the Tankaria Community in Leicester, UK

Assalamu alaikum

We are greatly thankful to the Tankaria Community in Leicester who came together and supported us in raising funds of 2,29,500 Indian rupees to help our deprived community in India and to help the most needy affected by the current Coronavirus pandemic.

May Allah SWT accept our charitable deeds and reward us in this world and the Hereafter. We pray to Allah SWT for health and safety for everybody in this difficult time.

The Tankaria Community in Leicester is very much attached and very co-operative on every occasion and demonstrates full solidarity to help each other in such difficult situations. We feel pride for our passion and love for our community.

On behalf of all the Trustees of our charity ‘The Tankaria Community Centre (Leicester)’, we appreciate your efforts and tremendous support to raise these funds and thank you all for co-operating on every occasion throughout the year.


The Tankaria Community Centre (Leicester)

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