Message from USA by Bro. Shakeel Bha

Situation in our area is okay. We are in complete lockdown but government is allowing clinics, pharmacies, and other essential businesses such as grocery stores, laundromat, auto mechanics stores etc. to stay open. Alhamdulillah all of our community members are doing well. Out of precautions, all masjids and religious places across Chicago area are closed. Government is asking citizens to do its job by staying at house, avoid gathering with friends, avoid public parks and events. Schools are closed but kids are provided with laptops or iPads from school for online learning. Governor of each states as well as Mayor of Chicago is continually providing updates and education on a daily basis. We have good care and services available when needed.

Its really important that everyone stays out of this because hospitals and corona virus make-shift clinics only have enough doctors and nurses to take care of limited number of people. System can not treat large number of people at the same time so Government is requesting healthy people to stay home to prevent them passing it to elderly.

There are some areas or as called HOT SPOTS where is a large concentration of cases such as in New York and Washington state but even there it is hospitals and clinics are overwhelmed. There are people coming out of retirement to work again as doctors, nurse, paramedic and pharmacy and government is asking for volunteers.

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