Well done Tankarvi elders at this old age!!!

Congratulations to Tankarvi elders in London who won the Beckett Trophy proudly in the final competition at the prestigious event at the Old Dagenham Bowling Club’s green (ground) representing their own Plashet Park Bowling Club, East Ham, London. Tankarvi elders Bashirbhai Khoda, Hanif Ismail Munshi Ghodiwala, Ismail Saheb Khunawala, Yusufbhai Bapuji with other team players Iliyas Sharif Palejwala, Ayub Vali Patel Vadavawala and Ahmedbhai Bhaiji Umrajwala appear in the photos below with the trophy and certificate in their hands.

It is to be noted that they are the only Gujarati Indians from Bharuch district participating in such a well respected and popular Bowling Clubs’ games competition in London, England. Dilawar Master Khoda, Yakubbhai Karim and Sadiq Bangalawala are also the eminent and active members of Plashet Park Bowling Club, which is more than 100 years old.

A full report will be published in next week’s Newham Recorder newspaper.

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