Tankaria Markazi Masjid Construction Project meeting at Bolton

A meeting regarding construction of Markazi Masjid Tankaria held yesterday at Bolton. Meeting was very smooth and successful. Tankarvis has shown good support and brotherhood. In this meeting representatives came from a various part of the UK, everybody gave good support and suggestions. 

An encouraging, inspiring and motivating message from Legend Tankarvi Janab Adambhai Lali [S.A.]

Message: Please keep me posted on how meeting for Markazi Masjid went. ALLAH grant barakah and if possible convey my salam to all.

I love my birthplace village.

I Love ALLAH’s work and may ALLAH grant all the hidayah and success for Markaz project.

[Message and News sent by Iqbal Dhoriwala].

Photos courtesy: Faruk Ughradar.

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