Tankaria Markazi Masjid Construction Project

A meeting for all UK Tankarvis regarding the Tankaria Markazi Masjid Construction Project was held on Sunday 14 October after Maghrib Salah around 6:30 pm at STEP Hall, Caroline Street, Bolton, BL3 6SX (next to Ghosia Masjid near Derby Street).

At the meeting, Haji Shabbir Ibrahim Bhuta confirmed that there are three entrances to the Masjid together with provision for wheelchair access for disabled people, English toilets, a guest room and car parking. The air conditioned Jam’at Khana will accommodate nearly 700 people on the ground floor.

The meeting concluded with dinner for all.

Many thanks to Janab Gulam Ali Jiva of Dayadra for providing his venue totally free of charge for the fifth time for social events and not even taking the cost of utilities and cleaning.

If you wish to make a Lillah donation towards the completion of work to the Masjid, please make a bank transfer in the UK to:

Account Name: Jamiyaatul Muslimin Tankaria

Sort Code: 0 5 – 0 5 – 5 5

Account Number: 1 9 3 3 1 5 8 2

Please state your name in the Payee Reference box.

Insha Allah, with your help, we hope to bring the Jam’at Khana into use for next Ramadan.

May the Almighty accept everybody’s contribution and reward them in both worlds. Ameen

Video of Ground Floor:

Video of First Floor:

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