Tribute to Great Hazalkar Late Sufi Manubari held at Bolton yesterday.

More than 500 people attended a Grand Gujarati Mushaira in memory of the Late Sufi Manubari in Memory Lane Hall, Bolton, UK, on 19th November 2017.

Tributes were paid by various speakers, poets and scholars including Siraj Patel, Mahek Tankarvi, Kadam Tankarvi, Adam Tankarvi, Iqbal Dhoriwala, Mohammad Munshi, Dilaver Dasanwala, Ibrahim Bhailok, Yousuf Bhailok and Abbasali Sufi. They all praised Sufi Sahib’s poetry and his message for social reform and social empowerment. His poetry was humorous but also had serious messages!

Poets from Lancashire and Yorkshire recited their work remembering Sufi Sahib including Mahek Sahib, Siraj Sahib, Kadam Sahib, Gul Sahib, Shabbir Sahib, Ismail Sahib, Masoom Sahib, Babar Sahib, Haroon Sahib, Aziz Sahib and Pathik Sahib.

Imtiaz Patel Varediawala, stage secretary, also paid a great tribute to Sufi Sahib, describing him as one of the revolutionary poets of our time.

Dr Adam Tankarvi, while conducting the Mushaira session, remembered many of Sufi Sahib’s great and ever green poems, which brought smiles to all. He also pointed out that Sufi Sahib’s poetry was full of wisdom and there was something for all to learn from his poetry. Sufi Sahib’s contribution to Gujarati literature and his tireless efforts to bring some radical positive changes to society has been outstanding and worth praising. He has left a big vacuum in the world of Gujarati poetry and especially in the world of Mushaira!

We will miss him but we will remember him for ever through his poetry.

The event ended with some positive and powerful messages including how we need to connect future generations with our culture, heritage and roots. We must recognise individuals who are working hard for community development. We must preserve and promote our culture, heritage and language!

Guests enjoyed dinner as well – Gujarati Dal Chawal and Soji!

Media partner: B Buzz Community Media Centre, 
M Faruk Ugharadar & Imtiaz Patel Varediawala

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    This shows greatness of our website. Thank you for creating and maintaining it. Realy good service to community.

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