Please Pray for Rohingya Muslims…

Rohingya, minority community in Burma (Myanmar), small neighboring country of India and Bangladesh, is going thru violence of a scale so devastating and so brutal that even an explanation in words would make any human being seiver. Thousands and thousands of children have been killed or starved to death. No food, no shelter, no supply, no clothes and no protection from Burmese Government. World’s leading newspaper such as NY Times and Time and World’s leading media outlet such as BBC and Al-Jazeera and World’s governing body UN calls it Crime against Humanity.


No one is there to help them.. No One…

Here is what you can do,

1. Dua. Dua/ Prayer is what you have that you can use anytime and you don’t  need to spend anything. Organize prayers in your local place of worship. Invite your neighbors of different faiths  and raise awareness. It’s not about one religion, it’s about humanity. Today’s it’s Muslims, tomorrow it could be any other community. We have to condemn the violence.

2. Meet your local MP, MLA or other elected member and raise the issue and ask for their support.

3. Social Media, use awareness via Social Media but be wary of fake news and incorrect source and photos. Bring awareness to the issue. Always tag credible news outlet such as AP or NY times, BBC etc.

4. If you can, donate to charities that you recognize and are registered in your country.


Please remember… your one act of kindness or care for another human being is all needed at this moment…

Please Help!!!


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