Pride of Vohra Patel Community

Haseeb Bhad (Umrajwala), son of Ismail Umarji Bhad, only 19 years of age is a potential candidate for inclusion in to England Cricket Team. This week, a full page was dedicated to introduce his talent in famous UK newspaper The Sun.

We, the Vahora community, are very proud of Haseeb’s achievement which he achieved at such a young age and we wish him luck for selection in to Team England.


3 Comments on “Pride of Vohra Patel Community

  1. I must definitely agree, Umraj village is a tiny village but everyone from Umraj are very close. Everyone here in the UK from Umraj are very successful and have a very high standard of living, Alhumdulilah. Recently a masjid was built with money raised from the villagers in the UK from several meetings and gatherings. Those women that get married or who are already married to guys from Umraj should count themselves very lucky and privileged!

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