Noble Work by Local Mosque in Chicago

Winter in North America is brutal. There aee days when temperature plunges to -20 to -30°C. Yes, you read that right.  -20 to -30°C. For most part of winter, we in Midwestern states of USA experience -3to 0°C (20F to 33F) on a daily basis.  During this time,  the need for good winter clothing is of not only a requirement but of an extreme importance to survive.

Considering wwinteris around the corner, local Masjid in Chicago, Makki Masjid started coat drive where masjid requested community members to donate winter clothing and non-perishable food item which then can be distributed to refugees living in Chicago. By the grace of Allah, program was an immense success,  with people donated with their hearts open…winter clothing,  blankets as well as canned food. Response to donation appeal was enormous with community members volunteering and running around to make sure program goes well. Over 70+ families benefited from the program.

Certainly programs like these are the absolute necessity of current time. We should sincerely thank Masjid organizers, volunteers and community members for their noble work. Their donations will be much appreciated and their reward will be in the form of duaas of those who will be using them.  May Allah prosper the community and give strength to its ommunity members to commence more initiatives like these in future.  Aameen.

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