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  1. Salaam all,

    I feel very sad by reading this news. It’s even sadder that the people of Tankaria are always asking for money from abroad.

    First let me get to the point. The Government of Gujarat pay some money to every Panchayat if it is willing to make a waste treatment plant. For example, Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BRC) Mumbai offer a full patent on a new biogas plant model by paying 30,000. Even the Government is giving subsidies to set-up a plant.

    After setting-up a biogas plant, the Panchayat will have revenue by selling the gas and natural fertilizer that will be generated from the biogas plant. If it’s possible, collect more garbage from nearby villages too, as this will give more revenue. This plant will make the village clean and the Panchayat will have its own revenue. In the beginning, the people will have to contribute a little, but in the long term they will get more benefit.

    The Panchayat must introduce regulation on waste management. Set-up a garbage bin on every street and ask people to collect all garbage in there. The Panchayat can collect it twice a day. Setting-up a biogas plant will give revenue that can be utilized to pay for the garbage vehicle, as well as a salary for the workers. Also, introduce a 20 to 40 rupees per month charge to each household. They aren’t poor people. They can afford to pay this little amount.

    I think last time Amir Khan had given an excellent idea about waste management in Staymev Jayate 2. Tankaria needs a visionary leader. Ask local Tankarvis to contribute some money and people from abroad will also contribute if there is a proper plan. Don’t just say: “Please give money to buy a vehicle.” Make a clear plan and then ask for donations. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Hope you will follow my ideas.

    Allah hafiz,

    Zuber Patel.

  2. What’s the actual cost of the garbage collection truck? Who will drive it? Who will pay the monthly salary for the driver? After collection, where will all the garbage be dumped? Will it just be moved to a different location? If so, it is meaningless. It needs to be disposed of properly. Who will manage the truck? Who will bear the running costs and maintenance? What’s the long term plan for this project? What happened to Safay Abhiyaan a couple of months ago? If everything was cleaned and now, looking at the pictures, once again the streets are full of garbage, it means that the local Tankarvis themselves are not aware of keeping Tankaria clean. Just buying the truck will not solve all the problems. I am sure, it will not. Please post full details of the project, before asking for donations. I am sure NRIs are now waken up, they will not support any meaningless activities.

  3. I must say we should all help, but asking for all the money from abroad is not a good idea. Please collect locally first, then post again with the amount collected. The remaining funds will be fulfilled by the global Tankarvis, Insha Allah.

  4. I really don’t understand, why should people who are abroad give money? What about the people in Tankaria, they have crores sitting in their accounts, don’t they want to go to paradise? It is their rubbish, they must pay for it. Nearest meaning of Hadith: ‘Allah Subhanahu never looks after people who never look after themselves.’ May Allah guide the Muslim Ummah.

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