Month: June 2015

Mehfil-e-Darood-Sharif at Masjid-e-Mustufaiyyah, Tankaria.

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Al Qur’an – King Saud University Electronic Moshaf Project.

The King Saud University Electronic Moshaf Project has issued the long awaited Al Qur’an including recitation and translation. Please share during Ramadan.

Darood Sharif Mahefil at Jama Masjid, Tankaria.

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9 Ramazan 1436.

Sehri time in Tankaria 4:22 am
Iftari time in Tankaria 7:26 pm

Oh Allah [SWT], on this day grant us a share from your mercy, which is wide, guide us towards your shining proofs, lead us to your all encompassing pleasure, by your love, O the hope of the desirous. Ameen.

Storm and Heavy Rain in Tankaria.

Heavy rain. Many trees and electric poles are down resulting in no electricity. This is the biggest storm to hit Western India since 1984. May Allah (SWT) make it easy. Ameen.

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