Please look at the pictures of the final resting place of Sahabi Hazrat Thameem Ansari (R.A.), 50 km away from Chennai. In those days, when there were no cars or aeroplanes, these Sahabis of Prophet Muhammed (SAW) travelled across sea and land to propogate the Deen and message of peace. What a sacrifice….

Other pictures are from the ancient city of Mahabalipuram. All the architecture is several thousand years old…. Amazing.


Shrine-1 Shrine-2 Shrine-3 Chennai-4 Chennai-5 Chennai-3 Chennai-2 Chennai-6Chennai-1

This is a very important announcement regarding this Thursday’s European and Local elections when UK residents can help to remove far right and other anti-Muslim extremists from power.

These anti-Muslim politicians are increasing in popularity day-by-day and it is resulting in countless Muslims, mainly Muslim women, being abused and attacked. They are openly campaigning for a ban on halal meat and the niqaab. Therefore, it is vitally important for you to vote, to keep out those campaigning to change your way of Islam.

Please use your vote on Thursday by going out and voting for any of the three main parties. If you do not vote, then this could mean an extra vote for somebody against Islam. This is a request from many local imams and scholars from Islamic organisations in the UK.

Winter has been so long and so cold that even a few degrees of warmth brings a smile, but Britain has been having more than a few degrees. The past week has been one of the warmest in several months and when that happens, grills are out of the garage into the back yard or at the park. You do not want to stay indoors….

Look at pictures from the UK. The first picture is of Sana Daula, giving Dad a big helping hand, whilst the second and third pictures are from Lytham, Lancashire.

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