Dua request for Maulana Ismail Bhuta by his beloved son Maulana Abdulmateen Bhuta

Assalamu’alaykum ww,

We are passing through the last blessed days of Ramadan which are indeed special and Allah Tala accepts Duaas in these special moments.

A humble request to you all to please make special duaas for our respected and beloved father Shaykh Moulana Ismail Bhuta Saheb, he is currently in hospital in ICU and very unwell.

We pray Allah Tala grant him shifa kamilah daaimah mustamirrah and make all things easy for him ameen.

Moulana Abdul Mateen Bhuta

1 Comment on “Dua request for Maulana Ismail Bhuta by his beloved son Maulana Abdulmateen Bhuta

  1. Jzk’s brother Abdul Mateen for the professional update.
    Inshallah will try to visit just before 7.00pm today.
    Moulana Ismail Saab was our Ustaad at the Markazi Masjid Tankaria.
    I was telling him every time when we met that I am your student to feel him proud and satisfied of, Alhamdulillah.
    You are lucky to have a visionary multi talented father who has built many Masjids and Institutes at Albania, Mongolia, India and other parts of the world under the name of “Majlish e Khuda Muddin” Alhamdulillah
    I used to wait to listen to his unique and interesting Chanda appeal at Dewsbury Masjid.
    He has built an excellent and amazing monument to give pride to motherland Mustufabad Tankaria under the name Darul Banat for our girls with the school.
    The huge building has an entrance gate like a Bukhara and Samarkand and design of floor tiles is similar to famous Tajmahal! This shows his depth knowledge and experience in the art and design.
    He opened the whole Banat building to the public at the Covid time without any hesitation. I remember his replying words that “It has been built to serve local community”
    Even your house on the Padarya Road is built with a unique design!
    There are so many things to write about our Ustad with the pride Alhamdulillah
    May Almighty give him speedy recovery and complete Shifa to serve the whole Ummah and to visit many Institutes in India by road every year to support and inspired them. Ameen

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