2 Comments on “12 Science Result 2023

  1. Salam from Ismail Saheb Khunawala, London.
    My heartfelt congratulations to all successful students achieving an excellent and fabulous
    results in H S C science-2023 exam.I also appreciate and congratulate the principal Gulam Saheb and all teachers of the Tankaria High School who have all worked very hard wholeheartedly round the clock to achieve such a phenomenal result, well done all the girls!!!
    I am proud of all girls but the boys need to roll up their sleeves next year to compete with the girls. I also once again appreciate Abdulbhai Bhuta Saheb for his responsible role in the school management. May Allah bless you all.

  2. Assalamualaykum v v ! I am happy to have the News of HSC (Science Stream )Result of our Tankaria High school,Tankaria ! Congratulations to all Top Ten students,Teachers & Parents for Having brilliant Success ! We wish you all a very bright future ! May Allahtaala bless you ahead ! We are proud of you all !

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