Adam Ebrahim, Shaheen Ebrahim and Nazeem Ebrahim Abhali, the owners of Oasis Group, have not forgotten their roots despite living abroad.

Adam Ebrahim, Shaheen Ebrahim  and Nazeem Ebrahim Abhali,  These three brothers launched Oasis crescent in 1997, introducing shari’ah comlaint investing to South Africa. In that Shaheen Ebrahim is Chair person, Nazeem Ebrahim is Dy. Chair person and Adam Ebrahim is C.E.O. And Mr. Mohammedadnan Ebrahim and Roshan Aara Ebrahim is working as non executive director.

In 1998 The first retail product is launched – The Oasis crescent equity fund.

In 2001 Oasis crescent launched new products….

  1. Oasis crescent International Feeder fund.

  2. Oasis crescent Retirement fund.

  3. Oasis crescent annuity fund.

  4. Oasis crescent preservation pension 

  5. Oasis crescent provident fund.

  6. High equity portfolio.

  7. Progressive portfolio.

  8. Stable portfolio.

  9. Oasis general equity fund.

  10. Oasis money market fund.

  11. Oasis Balance fund.

In 2003 Launched office in Dublin, Ireland.

In 2003 Oasis hosts the first African international Islamic finance conference in Cape Town.

In 2012 Launched office in London. 

These three brothers own the Oasis Group. They brightened the name of Oasis and Tankaria after hard working. The owners of the Oasis Group have thrived abroad but have never forgotten their roots. Recently Oasis Group has contributed 50000 dollars for the construction of Anjuman Hospital in Tankaria village. They also donated thousands of dollars towards the construction of Masjid Zeenatul Islam, Tankaria. Apart from this, they have also done commendable work by donating in some other works of Tankaria village. Tankaria village will always be indebted to them.


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