Unfortunate Incident in Scarborough, Canada

Scarborough/ Markham, boroughs of Toronto, Canada overlooking beautiful lake Ontario are diverse and multicultural places where many of our Vahora Patels live. Many readers who have had an opportunity to visit this place can vouch that it has a feel of Bharuch district. Lots of desi grocery shops, worship places, restaurant filled with smell of spice aroma and the people with their unique identities.

In an unfortunate event last night, this beautiful community was left in shock when someone drove by a plaza after Taraweeh prayer and started shooting injuring 5 people. All 5 individuals belong to Bharuchi Vahora Patel community. Fortunately, injuries sustained are serious but non-life threatening. However, the incident left a scar on a community which prides itself for its uniqueness and diverse culture.

During this difficult time, we stand by the community of Scarborough And pray for their safety and well-being.
(images- Mehrdad Nazarahari/CBC)

4 Comments on “Unfortunate Incident in Scarborough, Canada

  1. Indeed unwanted incident…
    A country whose people known for their ethical values are being polluting by clutral and religious hatred.. May Allah Sub’hanahu ta’laa bring peace and harmony in every parts of the world..

  2. Very unfortunate incident. The country known for peace and prosperity now witnessing such untoward incidents recurringly. May Allah make humans mend their behaviour and come on a single plateform of unity, brotherhood, love and compassion.

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