Great achievement by our Patel girl.

Thirteen-year-old Iris Pearl Vanderson, grown up with joy and comfort. She realizes that these things don’t last. That sadness is inevitable. All the things she thought she had with her for life, were not real. Strange things start appearing in her life. And her life turns completely unrecognizable within a couple of weeks when her mother abandons her. Thriving to find out what is happening she meets another human just like her, and a whole new world, one she never imagined to be a part of. One where she is safe, but in the greatest danger imaginable. People are willing to murder her for her powers. . . . Will she be able to save herself and the others?…..

One of our vahora patel 13 years girl name “REHNUMA PATEL” Author a book “NIGHTMARE DAMSEL” with Isha Kansagra, which is published and available on Amazon. Rehnuma Patel is niece of Yasmin Anwarbhai Ahmed Dadabhai Khandhiya, she is belong to Ikhar Village and at present living at Chicago, USA.

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