6 Comments on “Tankaria Day Golden Jubilee

  1. Mashallah ! Congratulations for “Tankaria Day Golden Jubilee” celebrations at Uk ! Nice speech by Safiq Patel & Haji Iqbalbhai Dhoriwala ! Full love for Tankaria & Tankarvis in their speech with feelings was felt & touched deeply in everyone’s heart during the occasion ! May Allah Taala grant it & bless further for bright Achievements !Janab Ismail saheb khunawala delivered a super speech for presenting all the activities done & yet to do ! Jazakallah !Nice silent & peaceful programme ! Congratulations to all designators !

    • Assalamu Alaykum
      Janab Gulammohyuddin Sheth,many thanks for your appreciation and making inspirational comments on my speech on Tankaria welfare Society AGM and golden jubilee celebration day..Many thanks. Salam from Ismail Saheb Khunawala, London .

      • Walykumsalam v v ! Jazakallah,Ismail saheb khunawala ! My Salam to all family members & Remember us in your Duas ! Thank you,sir !

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