To Honor Our “Golden Boy”…

Ayaz Bhuta, a “Golden Boy” as we all know him by, who defied all odds with utmost determination and hard work and made history by winning a Gold Medal at a Team Event in Paralympic, Japan. It’s a moment of great pride for our village and our community. It’s an achievement that will inspire many of our youth to work hard and never let anything come in your way to dream big and aim for greater goals in their lives for betterment of society. It’s the moment that need cherished and an achievement that need recognized.

And one of our great organization, Tankaria Welfare Society, UK which was created by Tankarvis decades ago to care for the concerns of Tankaria and celebrate our heritage and achievement, is doing exactly that. Tankaria Welfare Society is holding an annual general meeting this Saturday to celebrate the victory and honor Ayaz Bhuta and invites all Tankarvis of UK to be part of this memorable event.

An invitation to all Tankarvis:

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