Recent Events in South Africa…

As we all know by now that the situation in certain cities of S Africa is very critical. It all started with former president Jacob Zuma handing himself over to the authority on charges of corruption which led to protests and eventually rioting, looting and vandalism of offices & businesses. As of today, there are two cities port city of Durban and Johannesburg are mostly affected.

The current situation is very worrisome for many of us. We have a huge community of Gujaratis in those two cities. Looting and vandalism have resulted in businesses losing all of their inventories with no date of re-opening. Lot of community members are unable to to go to work out of safety concerns and then there is shortage of basic necessities such as grocery, gas and medicines. News agencies are reporting that military and local organizations are working tirelessly to get people basic necessities and creating safe environment for businesses to re-open.

We would like to let our brothers and sisters in S Africa know that we all at My Tankaria family feel your pain and sufferings and pray that Almighty Allah SWT to ease sufferings of all affected and improve situations. We pray for the safety and security of of all of you and for situation to normalize as quickly as possible. Ameen.

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