A Huge Loss To Our Community: Visionary Suleman Saheb Kamboliwala Passes Away…

Suleman Saheb Kamboliwala passed away in Bharuch, India this morning. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhe Rajeun. Suleman Saheb dedicated most part of his life for the improvement of education within our community. Suleman Saheb was one of the founding members of Progressive Muslim Education Trust (PMET), and was actively involved in day to day operation of PMET, Rander. He also served as secretary of Munshi Organization in Bharuch.

Suleman Saheb was very well respected by thousands but specially by his students who are all over the world. His students will always remember him for his dedication and emphasis on disciplined approach toward education and student life. He would take personal interest in every students’ progress and share with them his words of wisdom to ensure each and every student attains his maximum potential. He will always be remembered for his smile, relentless efforts for community and unmatched dedication. May Allah SWT give this individual, who dedicated his life for community, the highest place in Jannat-ul-Firdaus. Ameen.

Janazah Namaz and Burial will be at Janatanagar, Rander at 6.00pm. In Sha Allah.
You can pay respects at Munshi Vidyadham, Dahej Bypass road Bharuch till 10:30am.

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