Pride of Tankaria… Farhana Ilyas Kapadia

Another feather of success for Tankaria. One of our Tankarvi sister, Farhana Ilyas Kapadia (wife of Navid Munaf Patel), has graduated with first rank in MScIT (Master of Science in Information Technology) (CGPA- 9.76/10) at prestigious Charotar University of Science and Technology. She was awarded with Gold medal at an event presided by Dr. R Chidambaram, Padm Vibhusan & Padm Shree, former director of Indian Atomic Reseach Center.

We, on behalf of all My Tankaria visitors across the globe, would like to congratulate Farhana and her family for her achievement and we hope that you continue to excel in your field.

2 Comments on “Pride of Tankaria… Farhana Ilyas Kapadia

  1. My warmest congratulations to Farhana Iliyas Kapadia and her entire family for fabulous success in receiving graduation degree MScIT with prestigious Gold Medal award. Farhana, you deserve every bit for your hard and dedicated work. Aim for the stars! Being a Tankarvi, I am proud of you and you are the true example of a leader and now with this achievement you added an invaluable gem in the crown of Tankaria- education field!!! Well done, best wishes for your brilliant and bright future. May Allah Almighty bless you and give you more success in all walks of your life. Best Salams to all Kapadia family.

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