“Hajj Mubarak…”

“ Here I am O Allah… Here I am”

Hajj… the most important journey that any Muslim takes during his life time. The journey that is loved by Allah SWT and his Prophet Muhammad SAW very much.

As Hujjaj depart to this blessed journey of Hajj, we on behalf of all My Tankaria family from across the globe, congratulate for the opportunity that Allah SWT has bestowed upon them and request to keep us our Unmah in their prayers. May the blessings of Allah SWT light your way, strengthen your faith and bring joy to your heart as you praise and serve Him during your journey. May Allah SWT make your journey easier and accept your prayers and Ibadah. Hajj Mubarak!!!

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  1. Masaalllah, May Almighty ALLAH accept all your deeds and make it easy for all Hajis…. Remember me in your dua.

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