Pride of Community… Dr. Shawana Vali

Meet Dr. Shawana Vali…world renowned, Board certified twice, at Kings College London and UCLA,  Dermatologist. Dr. Shawana and her Dr. brother run a practice LMS Wellness in one of the UK’s very affluent neighborhood, Chelsea in London. Over the years, Dr. Shawana’s work has brought her a reputation and fame as one of the finest doctor in the world of Dermatology and Cosmetology. Unlike others, her approach was unique and focused on total transformation of an individual by highlighting unique feature that each client possesed. Her unique treatment method has earned her name internationally and her patients include high profile CEOs, royals, supermodels and celebrities.

Such an incredible talent and finest name in medicine has direct roots to our community. Dr. Vali is a daughter of Inayah Musa Master Delawala. We are proud as a community on Dr. Shawana Vali’s achievements.  Her work was also highlighted recently by well-known fashion magazine HarpersBazaar. You can read an article about Dr. Shawana in Bazaar magazine HERE… 

Undoubtedly,  Dr. Shawana Vali is an inspiration to many budding talents in our community. A dream, lot of hard work, and tremendous effort to master your skills can achieve something VERY unique!!!





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