Noble Initiative by Bharuch Vohra Patel Organization.

“World Bharuchi Vohra Patel Organisations”
We produce below a brief English translation of a letter which has been sent out by the WBVPA Team to Bharuchi Vahora Patels living in and around Vadodara. Here we can see that action speaks louder than words as they have put into practice the idea put forward to them by the delegation of representatives from Bharuch. It looks to me that they will pave the way for us and act as a role model for us all.

“World Bharuchi Vahora Patel Association, Vadodara”

Following a visit of some concerned brothers of our community from Bharuch on 4-12-2016 to explain the need for an organisation of BVPs in Vadodara, a few meetings of the local people were held for consultation. We are very pleased to say that with the grace of Allah (s.w.t.) we have been able to start an office in Vadodara in a very short spell of time which is a matter of pride for us all.

After reading this letter, we anticipate the following questions arising in your mind:
1. WBVPA, Vadodara – what is it? And when was it established?
2. What are the objects of this association?
3. What is my role in this association?
4. What benefit is it to me?
5. How will it be administered?
6. How will the office expenses be met?
7. Where the money is going to come from?
8. Will this organisation be only for the Vahora Patels or members of other communities will be able to benefit from it?

A need was felt for a long time by the educated people of our community residing in various towns of India and also in various countries and cities of the world for an organisation of Bharuchi Vahora Patels which will act as a platform to bring people together and carry out various social, educational, cultural and economic activities. The main object of such an organisation would be to create a united, educated and mentally and physically healthy community. Alhamdulillah! We are now taking a step forward in that direction by taking the following action:

– the setting up of the office of our community
– Initial survey for social integration
– Structural facilities for education in our community
– Efforts for the spread of education in our society
– Programmes to encourage quality education in our society
– To encourage our children to prepare for higher examinations to become IAS /IPS officers
– Vocational guidance to out children
– Planning of various programmes for the all round development of our children
– To take on the responsibility for further education of poor students
– Financial help to students of middle class parents
– Employment guidance for those seeking jobs
– To create a matrimonial website for introducing would be couples
– To start a newsletter
– To create a Website and Mobile App for our society
– To prepare good and disciplined patriotic citizens of our country

Keeping the above points in mind, and for the smooth and efficient administration, we have divided the Vadodara Unit into 10 zones and allocated one responsible person for each Zone to help us carry out the survey of our people in the first place. This would then help us to prioritise and plan our activities.
We have decided to collect Rs 300 from each Vahora Patel family as membership fee. The WBVPA is an association of BVP only but members of other religions and communities will also be able to benefit from its various activities and programmes,.

The group has already become active and the work to better organise is still underway. We ask all the brothers and sisters to pray for our success.

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  1. Bharuchi in Malawi Under same Moto we are going to register non profit charity bharuchi Organisation in MALAWI.
    Please share idea and focus on this issue.

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