Tankaria Honoring Program..

On September 10, 2017, Tankaria Day and Honoring of Tankarvis was held at luxurious 3D Center in Bolton. The aim of the program was to honor guests from Tankaria who were visiting UK, as well as to discuss many important topics related to future developments and progress of Tankaria.

Some of the noted Tankarvis included were Chairman of Oasis Islamic Holding (World’s largest Islamic Fund) Nazeem Ibrahim Abhli of Cape town SA originally from Tankaria;  donor and well respected Haji Mohmed Munshi Saheb Zangaria of Zambia, well- respected and well known name among Tankaria Golbal community Janaab Aiyub Bhai Miyanzi of Canada and much loved former high School teacher Ismail Saheb Hira. Haji Mubarak Miyanzi of Canada, Abdul Razak Bariwala of Bariwala Sports Club, retired teacher Abdul Saheb Gen as well as Yakoob Bhai Robad who are on a visit to UK also attended the program. These guests were honored by great writer/ poets of our time “Adam” Tankarvi and “Menk” Tankarvi and organizers Shafiq Patel, Habib Bhuta, Iqbal Bhai Dhoriwala, Faruk Ughradar, Altaf Dashu and Imtiyaz Varidiyawala. Many Tankarvis residing in UK attended the program despite for weather conditions.

The program was the result of collective efforts of many individuals’ efforts. Relatives of Tankaria’s Jariwala family, Haji Rustam Bhai Keswanwala and sons provided venue at no cost. Organizers Shafiq Patel, Habib Bhuta, Iqbal Bhai Dhoriwala, Imtiyaz Varediyawala and Faruk Ughradar thanked all volunteers and venue manager Ashfaq Jet who tirelessly worked to ensure smooth running of program as well as audience and guests for their presence.

We on behalf of all My Tankaria visitors would like to take this opportunity and thank the organizers for holding such an event filled with love and care for for our motherland Tankaria. We hope and pray for may similar program to elevate the causes and care for Tankaria across towns all over the world.


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